Casa Flordeliza was constructed in 1888 by “Cabeza” Maximo Villarama Fernandez and his wife Adelaida Mendoza Fernandez. The house is located in Brgy. Marungko, Angat, Bulacan. The structure is surrounded by a garden of tropical fruits and multi-colored flowers famous for its luxuriance.

The receiving room is floored with broad planks of red Narra, surrounded by Capiz windows and furnished with antique furniture, grandfather’s clock chandelier, and an heirloom of statues (“Santos”) handed down from generation to generation.

The interior of the house present evidence of pomp and splendor punctuated by a magnificent ivory upright piano used in accompanying the angelic voices of the young ladies of the night.

Maximo Villarama Fernandez, the patriarch of the clan and an illustrious son of Marungko, was a generous man and friends of the masses. He was fondly called “Cabezang Imong”, a popular title given to the head of the community during the Spanish era. His loving wife, Adelaida Mendoza Fernandez (seated in the photo below) was fondly called “Ima Idang”, the benevolent matriarch of the clan, a good Samaritan and a very religious woman.

Ima Idang02

Maximo Fernandez ”Meng” Santos, the fourth generation of the clan and his loving wife, Dra.Queenie Santos, a doctor of medicine by profession, inherited the ancestral house.

VIVA CASA FLORDELIZA . . . the silent witness of a glorious past and the windows of a by-gone era.

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