Sundays are gonna be brighter, happier, and yummier in our laid back town of Angat. Angateños will showcase different products that are truly and uniquely Angat made. Organic farmers, handicraft makers, home based entrepreneurs, kakanin masters, curtain sewers and other Angat small business owners converge and unite to offer different products that will surely interest the locals and people from nearby towns. Gawad Kalinga also participates as well as Angateño’s Pride.

For the health conscious, there is a wide array of healthy food products to choose from like organic ice cream, honey, different spreads, coco sugar, virgin coconut oil, turmeric tea, locally harvested organic vegetables and herbs. For the sweet tooth, your cravings will be satisfied no end as our local bakers and pastry makers feature their all time favourites and newly created recipes of cakes, cupcakes, floating island cake, brownies, yema, pastillas, tarts, espasol, etc… Kakanin lovers will surely have a field day, as our local kakanins like bibingka, suman, maja blanco, halaya, puto cheese, puto pao, cassava cake, suman de leche, buchi, and many more are all available and all yours for the taking. Special locally made crunchy chicharon baboy is also available. Relyenong bangus, sisig bangus, relyenong pusit are just some of the mouth watering food dishes available for your palate satisfaction. Freshly made and and preservative-free meat products like longaniza, embutido and siomai are also available. Locally made handicrafts, curtains and others are also on display.

Everyone is invited and make your Sundays truly special! After attending Sunday church service, please drop by and you may be in for exciting finds! This local trade fair will be found at the Angat Municipal grounds and will continue till the end of December. Let us support our kababayans and relive the spirit of warmth and love that we, Angateños, are truly known for.

To God be all the glory!!!


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