Angat, as the term implies, is something elevated. Something we could look up to. In this challenging times, how can Angateños help to make our little town be found in the map of greatness? How can we compete with other nearby towns in terms of progress?

Something big starts with something small… A single journey begins with a single step… But it should all begin with LOVE – the love for our town of Angat. And nobody could ever help us but only we, ourselves. No matter how great the task at hand is, when strong determination sets and kicks in, there will be no stopping us!

It all started when a group of Angateños from different sectors of society (CSOs) bounded by love and optimism converge and unite to give our little town a boost by forming a small organization of women who are willing to take part in this little steps towards Change. On November 2015, Angat LGU implemented the DTI Yaman Pinoy Meat Processing and Vegetable Preservation Seminar funded by the Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB). It was participated by the Pinoy Youth Association (PYA), Senior Citizens, Persons with Disability, and Angat Development and Credit Cooperative members. Total number of participants was more than One Hundred and Twenty (120). Among all the participants, the Local Poverty reduction Action Team (LPRAT) of Angat chose the most determined participants and continue to give different seminars like Entrepreneurship Seminar and Good Manufacturing Practices Seminar (GMP) to further enhance their knowledge and skills. Lakbay Aral in different manufacturing plants in Pampanga to inspire them more, was also conducted.

The strong determination of the women participants, felt and observed by the CSOs, was what really inspired them to organize this small association which they called “Angateño’s Pride”. The name, as the term implies, wish to convey that they want to offer something which they can be truly proud of. There are about twenty (20) current active members. The main objectives are : To develop different food products that Angat can be truly proud of; To encourage and create more small and medium entrepreneurs, and to create additional employment and income to the municipality. They started to develop different food products that ranges from different condiments and spices like Sauteed Shrimp Paste (Bagoong Alamang), Chili Garlic paste; baked goodies like Peanut and Macapuno Tarts, Macaroons; processed meats like Embotido and Longaniza; Ready to eat Relyenong Bangus and Bangus Sisig; variety of sweets like Yema Balls, Polvoron in varied flavors, Pastillas, and Banana Chips, Coco Taho and Suman Latik. Product development is continuously in progress and more products are to be launched soon for all Angateños to taste and enjoy. They participated in the Singkaban festival in Malolos, Bulacan last September 8-11, 2016 and conducted a soft launch in Angat last September 18, 2016 in front of Angat Municipal Hall. The soft launch was a hit and can be considered a great success. Their Sunday selling will continue, much to the delight of satisfied Angateños’ taste buds!

The members still face difficult challenges like what most beginners usually encounter. Fortunately, the Local Government Unit of Angat supports fully the Angateño’s Pride, which all the members are very thankful and grateful for. And with their strong faith in God and tremendous courage, perseverance and strong determination, they will continue and pursue their advocacy, for the benefit of the community.

To God be all the glory!!!


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