The town of Angat in the Province of Bulacan is famous for its sweet delicacies which are indigenous or native to the place. The native delicacies of Angat are different from those that were made popular before by Bulacan Sweets store outlets. The Pastillas and Polvoron products made famous by Bulacan Sweets have fruits, milk and sugar as main ingredients while the sweet delicacies of Angat are mostly cooked using glutinous rice (malagkit), coconut meat (in niyog and gata forms) and sugar as materials.

Below are some of the native sweet delicacies of Angat. Where before, these delicacies are cooked and served during special occasions like fiestas and family events (birthdays, weddings. etc.) only, these delicacies are now available commercially in various outlets in the town.

Suman Sa Latik

Puto Lansong, Big Size (Left) and Mini-Size (Right)

2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Commercial-Packages

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Suman Sa Lihiya