“NEGOSYO sa KARITON” – People’s Taxes finding their way Back to the People

Last 27 February 2017, sixty (60) units of Nego Carts were distributed to the local recipients at the Municipal Gym of Angat, Bulacan. This is under the 2016 Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) program of the national government in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the municipal government of Angat.

The smile on the faces of these recipients is so overwhelming. These recipients came from the groups of solo parents, persons with disability, youths, and women’s group. Most of them were the same persons who participated in the 2015 Livelihood Training project also under the BUB program of the national government. Together with these Nego Carts, a start-up capital will also be given. They will be continuously monitored and assisted to ensure that their businesses will prosper and help uplift their lives.

The Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT) which consist of representatives from different sectors of society together with the town Mayor and municipal department heads of Angat, worked hand in hand to identify and implement projects that will benefit the grassroots.

Other projects under the 2016 BUB program are as follows:

1. Two (2) Units Rescue Vehicle 1 Unit Ambulance/DILG – Php 4M – purchased
2. Construction of Drainage Canal with cover in Saudi Street/DILG – Php 1M – completed
3. Concreting of Barangay Road in Niugan/DILG – Php 3.2M
4. Rehabilitation of 5 BHS & Puchase of Medical Equipment in Brgys Laog, Banaban, Binagbag, Taboc, and Encanto.- Php 2.5M
5. Construction of School Fence in Angat National High School & Col. Vicente L. Salvador Elem. School/Deped – Php 700K
6. Ten (10) Units Hand Tractors for 10 Farmers organizations/DA – Php 1.3M
7. Twenty (20) Units Shallow Tube Well (STW) for Farmers/DA – Php 1.4M
8. Purchase of lot for Slaughter House/LGU – Php 1,530,000.
*Note: Some of these projects are still on-going or soon to be implemented

Indeed, the people’s taxes are finding their way back to the people. Let us continue to move forward, Angat!


Proudly Angat Made – Handmade Bags & Purses using Recycled Materials

Mrs Estelita Dizon, a resident of Brgy. Banaban, Angat, Bulacan, was one of the participants who attended the Bag and Banig Making Livelihood Training Project of Angat LGU-DSWD under the previous administration’s BUB program for the year 2016. The project aimed to help solo parents and the unemployed to acquire skills which they can use as a tool to generate income for their families and pave the way for poverty alleviation and enhance self reliance. Mrs Dizon used the skills she acquired from the said livelihood training project and started to make simple purses and bags made from recycled materials such as used aluminum coffee sachets, glossy papers from used magazines and brochures and drinking straws. It was difficult at first, but because of her strong determination to improve her craft, she persistently practiced and gradually produced quality bags of different styles, checkbook and cellphone pouches and purses. Another difficulty she encountered was finding the market for her products. She started selling to her friends and neighbours, and by word of mouth, she started getting orders. Thankfully, she was approached by one of Angateño’s Pride members, an organization which was also a product of DTI-BUB-Angat LGU project, and she was offered membership. So, at present, she is selling her products every Sundays in front of Angat Municipal Hall, together with other quality food products made by co-members. Her products are also being sold at Angat Development and Credit Cooperative office. Currently, her products are slowly gaining popularity among the locals. She hopes to widen her market and be known not just locally but all throughout the country, and ultimately, globally. She knows it is still a long way to go, but her determination is so strong and she intends to overcome all the challenges she is facing. And with continuous assistance from the local government by way of additional trainings, failure is not an option.

Once again, the saying “teach a man how to fish “… is very true in this story. Strong determination, persistence, hard work and continue dreaming are major keys to success…

As fellow Angateños, let us take part in realizing her dream by patronizing and referring her products to friends and acquaintances. Aside from readymade products, she also accepts orders to suit your needs.

God bless us all!!!


“Boys and Girls Week” – Shaping Future Leaders

Every year, chosen students from different primary and secondary schools, get the chance to act and assume the part of different vital positions in the municipality for one whole week. These key positions include Mayor, Vice Mayor, Councillors, Municipal Judge, Chief of Police, Municipal Engineer, and other departmental heads.

In the year 1986, the then Angat Mayor, Hon. Leonardo R. De Leon started this practice, which was approved by then Bulacan Governor Roberto Pagdanganan. Since then, It was adapted and practiced yearly by the entire province of Bulacan and until now, it has become one of the highlights of primary and secondary schools events.

These young students are being taught the value of leadership, being good sons and daughters to their parents and responsible citizens of the community. They are not just being moulded to become future community leaders but they are also taught the value of honesty, self discipline, sincerity, hard work, and respect to others. Everyday, the town Mayor held symposiums attended by these young leaders, intended to inculcate in their young minds that they are the next in line, the future leaders who will be the hope of our motherland, and readying them to be tough yet humans with good hearts always ready to help the people who are in need. As leaders, they are being trained that leadership requires sacrifice and being selfless, as leaders are also servants.

This year, in line with the government’s intense campaign against illegal drugs, our local units has come up with awareness and prevention programs on adolescent drug abuse. Since abuse of alcohol and illicit use of illegal drugs has destroyed lives and families and continues to be one of the major health problems across the country, our leaders had come up with programs that promote active participation of our youth on sports, music and arts and spiritual uplifting activities.

This year, Boys and Girls Week in our town of Angat starts on November 07 until November 11, 2016. The Municipal government intend to continue this event every year and help shape our future leaders…