The TALASALITAANG ANGAT or “Vocabulary of the People of Angat” started as a post in ASAR Ltd. Facebook Group. Originally aimed at gathering the Tagalog words which are colloquial and uniquely spoken by Angateños, the thread became viral and we found it worthwhile having a permanent space in our website. All words herein cannot be found on Google’s Tagalog To English Im Translator.

We manually encoded the words submitted in the above referred thread after filtering and adding their English translations. We used a plugin that collate the words for ease of access. In the process, we may have committed errors in the translations so we request you to comment on them as you find necessary. Click the letter then the word to see its meaning. Write a comment for any addition and/or revision needed.

Also, we know that we have not yet listed all the words that are unique to Angateños. Kindly submit words not yet included in our Talasalitaang Angat by clicking this Submission Link and we will publish them. Thank you very much.